Brand Name

A cutting-edge trading platform.

Smooth experience on any device

50 000 000+
registered clients worldwide

Varied trading mechanics

We offer 3 distinct modes of trading that fit different client needs and levels of proficiency

  • App 1


    Classic "contracts for difference" on all types of assets.

  • App 2


    A comprehensive solution for online stock trading.

  • App 3


    The classic in its updated form for trading without overdrafts.

  • Macbook Image
  • Technical analysis

    The Akma platform offers a proprietary range of instruments for technical analysis.

    • Chart

      4 types of charts:
      Area chart
      Japanese candlesticks
      Heiken Ashi

    • Indicators

      10 indicators, 15 oscillators, 7 drawing tools

    • Advisors

      5 types of interactive trading advisors chars

    • Deals

      6 tools for trade management built into the chart

Key platform features

Akma's got everything a trader might need

  • Auto-closure

    Trades can close automatically to secure profit or reduce loss

  • Multiplier

    This tool amplifies profit from the smallest price fluctuations

  • Trailing stop

    Automatically adjusts Stop Loss level to maximize profit

  • Pending orders

    Preset parameters let you to enter the market at the right moment

  • Risk-free trades

    A premium option to open a trade at no risk to the trade balance

  • Strike Prices

    Extremely precise trade forecasts for higher profitability


Customize the platform with unique add-ons to elevate your trading

iPhone App
  • A fully customizable platform

    Fine-tune the instruments for maximum ease of trading

    • Themes

      Akma is available in a Light and a Dark theme with matching sound effects

    • Languages

      The platform was translated into 19 locales

    • Service levels

      There are different sets of tools and trading conditions for clients of different account types

  • Macbook Image


All the information one needs to build up their trading skills

  • Onboarding

    A step-by-step guide for brand new traders

  • Chat-bot

    An automated helper that shares strategies and tips

  • Video tutorials

    Easy-to-understand instructions for beginners and pros alike

  • Webinars

    Online training sessions with experts

  • Knowledge base

    Useful articles and know-hows

  • Quizes

    Possibly the most fun way to learn


Our tried and true ways to keep traders engaged

  • Daily tasks

    Small challenges that lead to progress

  • Tournaments

    Trading competitions for monetary prizes

  • Rating

    A way for traders to demonstrate their achievements

  • Social trading

    Solutions for community-building and sharing one's experience

Account management

Excellent service is impossible without proper tools

  • User profile

    Personal information and platform settings at your fingertips

  • KYC

    Compliance procedures made easy. Sum&Substance and Worldcheck integrated

  • Trading history

    VerifyMyTrade integration provides in-market quotes QA for your peace of mind.

  • Account history

    Financial operations history for each trader in a concise and accessible form

Billing tools

Akma has an array of global billing integrations as well as tools for broker backoffice management

iPad App

Client support and CRM

The platform is integrated with several customer support tools and a proprietary CRM system

  • jivosite
  • mango
  • intercom

The quality of our UX solutions is based on perpetual research, careful attention to data and the use of monitoring and alerting systems.


Our assortment of tracking and marketing tools paints a full picture of a customer's journey: acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, referral.

  • appsflyer
  • fbsdk
  • adjust
  • google
  • firebase



Agias Fylaxeos, 1, KPMG CENTER, Ground Floor, 3025 Limassol, Cyprus

GRAHAMSTOWN LIMITED is a company incorporated and existing in the Republic of Cyprus for software development activities.